• AnimationInReality Vs Versace
    Vs Runway

    AnimationInReality Vs Versace

    AnimationInReality Vs Versace The 90s supermodels replaced by Disney Characters. Ariel as Carla Bruni, Aurora as Claudia Schiffer, Pocahontas as Naomi Campbell, Belle as Cindy Crawford & Jasmine as Helena Christensen are back for a tribute to #GianniVersace.

  • Vs YouTube

    Disney Princess As Female Singers On Youtube

    Disney Princess As Female Singers On Youtube What happened when 16 Disney Characters as 16 female singers starring on Youtube. Cinderella as Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do. Pocahontas as Rihanna – Wild Thoughts. Belle as Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry. Elsa as Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball. Alice as Britney Spears – Baby One More Time.…

  • Vs Magazines

    The Kardashian decade Vs AnimationInReality

    The Kardashian decade Vs #AnimationInReality for the Hollywood Reporter. Aurora as Khloe Kardashian, Mulan as Kendall Jenner, Cruella De Vil as Kris Jenner, Jasmine as Kim Kardashian, Pocahontas as Kourtney Kardashian & Belle as Kylie Jenner for the Hollywood Reporter. Photographed by Miller Mobley. Photo edit by Gregory Masouras. Styled by Jonny Lichtenstein.

  • Vs Magazines

    Bellle as Alessandra Ambrosio

    Belle as Alessandra Ambrosio graces the August 2017 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Greece. Belle as Alessandra Ambrosio for  Harper’s Bazaar Greece issue cover, wearing MaxMara and Cartier. Photography by Easton & Roso. Photo edit by Gregory Masouras. Styled by Sandy Armeni.